Effect of shift work on marital satisfaction of employees of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences in 2018

Elham Ghorbani Aliabadi, Habibeh Vazirinasab, Mina Bordbar, Fatemeh Izadi, Maryam Mirzaei, Saeedeh Azaraeen, Ali Kamali, Amin Kiani


Marital satisfaction is one of the most important factors in life satisfaction and family functioning which also influences the work success and social relations of individuals. The evidence indicates that job issues and their conditions can affect marital satisfaction. The purpose of this research was to assess the marital satisfaction status of personnel working in Jiroft University of Medical Sciences; we seek to compare two groups of personnel working in daily shifts and those with different shifts. This was a descriptive-analytical cross-sectional study conducted in 2018. The population consisted of employees of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences. We selected 165 persons using stratified random sampling. Inclusion criteria were marriage, monogamy, living with a spouse, and being an employee of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences. After obtaining the participants' consent, the Enrich 47-item questionnaire for measuring marital satisfaction was given to the participants. Data were analyzed by the Student t-test, using SPSS23 software. The marital satisfaction of the employees of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences (31% male and 69% female) was 160.94 ± 33.80. Results showed that marital satisfaction in morning shift employees was significantly higher than those of rotating shift work (p= 0.001). However, the results of marital satisfaction in terms of gender and type of work showed that work shift affects only marital satisfaction of women (p= 0.004) and health care employees (p=0.005). Considering the findings and the importance of shift work variable for marital satisfaction, to maintain family life and increase productivity in the organization, health care workers and women, in particular, need more attention and services.


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