Effects of Nonsteroidal Anti-Infl ammatory Drug on Prevalence of Helicobacter Like Organisms in Gastric Mucosa of Thoroughbreds Horses

Abelardo Morales, Francisco García, Victor Bemúdez García


The aim of this study was describe effects of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drug on prevalence of Helicobacter Like Organisms in gastric mucosa of Thoroughbreds horses. Were studied 54 Thoroughbred horses in the national race Track “La Rinconada” Caracas-Venezuela. All equine were treated by seven days with phenylbutazone at an intravenous dose of 4.4 mg/kg. All horses presented Equine gastric ulcer syndrome acute superficial gastritis (25/54), chronic gastritis with erosion focal (16/54), chronic gastritis with erosion focal and ulcers (14/54) in the gastric in both regions mucosa squamous region and glandular regions (fundus). Helicobacter Like Organisms infection in the stomach was confirmed by Warthin- Starry (38/54). Gastric mucosa revealed numerous spiralshaped bacteria morphologically resembling Helicobacter Like Organisms in squamous regions, margo plicatus (20/38) and numerous spiral-shaped bacteria in fundic glands (18/54). Inconclusion, we detected high presence of Helicobacter Like Organisms in the gastric mucosa of Thoroughbred horse’s treatment with phenylbutazone.


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