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Título : Escorpionismo en Venezuela
Autor : Borges, Adolfo
Palabras clave : scorpion
Fecha de publicación : 1-Jan-1996
Editorial : Acta Biologica Venezuelica
Citación : 16;
Resumen : The majority of the Venezuelan acute scorpion sting cases in humans are due to envenomation by species belonging to the genus Tityus Koch. Up to twenty eight Tityus sp. are distributed in all forest areas and the densely-populated mountain ranges of the country. The venoms of Tityus discrepans (Karsch) (range North Central Venezuela) and Tityus zulianus González-Sponga (range Western Venezuela) have been the only ones characterized toxicologically so far. In spite of the fact that other life-threatening Tityus sp. have been identified in Western and Eastern Venezuela, there is a lack of knowledge of their chemical composition and lethality. Among others, T. valerae (Andean region) and unknown Tityus sp. from the Eastern range have been responsible for severe stings and casualties. This paper draws attention to the urgent need for mapping the lethal Venezuelan scorpion fauna and developing and effective serotherapy.
ISSN : 0001-5326
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