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10-Feb-2017Elemental analysis of coal by tandem laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma time of flight mass spectrometryDong, Meirong; Oropeza, Dayana; Chirinos, José; González, Jhanis J.; Lua, Jidong Lua,; Mao, Xianglei; Russo, Richard E.
9-Jan-2017Elemental Analysis of Coal by Tandem LIBS and LAICP- TOF-MSDong, Meirong; Oropeza, Dayana; Chirinos, José; González, Jhanis J.; Lua, Jidong; Mao, Xianglei; Russo, Richard E.
2008Femtosecond laser ablation: Experimental study of the repetition rate influence on inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry performanceGonzalez, Jhanis J.; Fernández, Alberto; Oropeza, Dayana; Mao, Xianglei; Russo, Richard E.
3-Jun-2015Liquid sampling-atmospheric pressure glow discharge as a secondary excitation source: Assessment of plasma characteristicsManard, Benjamin T.; Gonzalez, Jhanis J.; Sarkar, Arnab; Dong, Meirong; Chirinos, José; Mao, Xianglei; Russo, Richard E.; Kenneth Marcus, R.
10-Feb-2017Liquid Sampling–Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge as a Secondary Excitation Source for Laser Ablation- Generated Aerosols: Parametric Dependence and Robustness to Particle LoadingManard, Benjamin T.; Konegger-Kappel, Stefanie; Gonzalez, Jhanis J.; Chirinos, José; Dong, Meirong; Mao, Xianglei; Marcus, R. Kenneth; Russo, Richard E.
17-Oct-2013Micro-Crater Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy - an Analytical approach in metals samples.Piscitelli, Vincent; Gonzalez, Jhanis; Mao, Xianglei; Fernández, Alberto; Russo, Richard
2004Scanning vs. single spot laser ablation (λ=213 nm) inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryGonzalez, Jhanis J.; Fernández, Alberto; Mao, Xianglei; Russo, Richard E.
17-Oct-2013Time-resolved ultraviolet laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for organic material analysisBaudelet, Matthieu; Boueri, Myriam; Yu, Jin; Mao, Samuel; Piscitelli, Vincent; Mao, Xianglei; Russo, Richard
Mostrando resultados 1 a 8 de 8


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