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Título : Elemental Analysis of Coal by Tandem LIBS and LAICP- TOF-MS
Autor : Dong, Meirong
Oropeza, Dayana
Chirinos, José
González, Jhanis J.
Lua, Jidong
Mao, Xianglei
Russo, Richard E.
Palabras clave : laser ablation,
Laser-Induce Breakdown Spectroscopy
inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
coal analysis
Fecha de publicación : 9-Jan-2017
Resumen : The capabilities and analytical benefits of combined LIBS and LA-ICP-MS were evaluated for the analysis of coal samples. The ablation system consisted of a Nd: YAG laser operated 213nm. A Czerny-turner spectrograph with ICCD detector and Time-Of-Flight based mass spectrometer were utilized for LIBS and ICP-MS detection, respectively. This tandem approach allows simultaneous determination of major and minor elements (C, Si, Ca, Al, Mg), and trace elements (V, Ba, Pb, U, etc) in the coal samples. The research focused on calibration strategies, specifically the use of univariate and multivariate data analysis on analytical performance. Partial Least Square Regression (PLSR) was shown to minimize and compensate for matrix effects in the emission and mass spectra improving quantitative analysis by LIBS and LA-ICP-MS, respectively. The correlation between measurements from these two techniques demonstrated that mass spectral data combined with LIBS emission measurements by PLSR improved the accuracy and precision for quantitative analysis of trace elements in coal.
ISSN : 0584-8547
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