Epidemiological study of brain injuries in patients admitted to Yasuj Legal Medicine Department

Kamrooz Amini, Seyed Amirhosein Mahdavi, Zafar Masoumi Moghaddam


Abrain injury is a multiple disorderwhich takes various forms; the currentstudy aims to EpidemiologicalStudy of Brain Injuries in Patients Admitted to Yasuj LegalMedicine Department. Within 12 months data of thepeople referred to Yasuj forensic medicine because ofhead injuries collected and analyzed by SPSS 19 in thedescriptive-cross sectional method. We surveyed 60 casesin which 75% were male and 25% were female. In termsof age, most cases (39.6%) under 15 years and in termsof educational level, most of them (41.7 %) are the elementarystudents. The most common causes of injuriesaccident (83.3%). 55% of the injured admitted to the LegalMedicine Department 1 to 5 days after the incident.The results indicate that the four most common types ofinjuries are the basilar skull bone fracture (22.9%), cerebralhemorrhage (18.8%), frontal bone fracture (18.8%),and compound skull fractures (16.7%). The result showsthat the most common cause of head injury for elementaryschool students is an accident. In order to preventor reduce accident, it is essential to increase the numberof safety measures, such as building crosswalks andoverhead pedestrian walkways on the way to school andprovide appropriate education by the media and schools,especially for children and adolescences.


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