The relationship between leadership style and time management in senior and middle nursing managers


  • Mahnaz Rakhshan
  • Khatereh Rostami
  • Elahe Setoodegan
  • Jamshid Eslami

Palabras clave:

leadership styles, time management, nursing managers.


Background and research: Leadership styles are categorizedin different ways, and time management as one ofthe determinants of leadership success is of great importance.This study aimed to investigate the relationship betweenthe dominant leadership style of nursing managersand their use of time management skills.Materials and Methods: This was a descriptive study.The population of the study consisted of 485 senior andmiddle managers of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,among which 182 were selected by simple random samplingmethod. In this research, three separate questionerconsist of demographic information questionnaires, theleadership style of Bass and Avolio managers and the timemanagement of Nazem questionnaire were used.Findings: Most of the research units leadership style consistof task oriented, then humanistic and then non-interventional.The task-oriented leadership style at the significancelevel of 0.05 has the strongest correlation with timemanagement, but the non-intervention leadership style isnot correlated with time management.Conclusion: Managers need to pay more attention totime management because their ability to gain individualskills in managing time has a positive effect on organizationalskills and as a result of increasing organizationalproductivity.


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