Evaluation of the effect of the provided training in delivery preparation classes on awareness and attitude of pregnant mothers toward delivery type in Razi Hospital of Saravan


  • Fahimeh Khorasani Baghini
  • mahboobeh khosravani
  • Azadeh Amiri

Palabras clave:

Awareness, Attitude, Pregnant Mothers, Delivery Preparation Class.


Background and Aim: One of the important prioritiesof the World Health Organization is training of mothersabout care during pregnancy and preparation training fornatural delivery. Effective education could increase theawareness and attitude of mothers during pregnancy andsubsequently promote self-confidence and preparednessof pregnant mothers to accept safe natural delivery withoutintervention. This study aimed to evaluate the effectof preparation classes on the awareness and attitude ofpregnant mothers toward the type of delivery in Razi Hospitalof Saravan.Materials and Methods: An interventional study wasdesigned with the sample size of 50 volunteer mothersparticipated in the preparation classes for delivery in 5groups of 10 people. The classes were conducted for 2weeks in Razi Hospital in Saravan. In these classes, theknowledge and skills needed for mothers about pregnancyand its care, special exercises during pregnancy, theeffect of exercise and other methods on reducing deliverypain, planning for choosing the type of delivery and otherrelated subjects were taught.Teaching methods were included pamphlets, films andlectures. The collected data were analyzed by Chi-squaretest and Tukey’s post hoc test using SPSS version 18.Results: The results of the study showed that there was asignificant difference between before and after the intervention(P <0.0001). The minimum score obtained for theawareness among mothers was 0 and the maximum was 20.For the attitude, the minimum and maximum scores were 0and 80, respectively. Positive attitude score was increasedfrom 46.40 before the training to 55.17 after the training.The mean awareness score of mothers before the trainingwas 7.33 which reached to 18.50 after the training, whichshowed a significant difference and it was confirmed thatthe provided training had a positive effect on the awarenessand attitude of mothers participating in the course.Conclusion: Delivery preparation classes for delivery couldbe effective in increasing the awareness and attitude ofmothers toward the correct choice of delivery for activeparticipation in safe and non-interventional delivery andconsequently reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.


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