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Título : Trypsin and Lipase Pancreatic Enzymes Activity in Pigs Fed with Pijiguao Meal (Bactris gasipaes H.B.K.) and Synthetic Lysine
Autor : León, Milagro
Colina, Janeth J.
Rico, Daniel
Araque, Humberto
Rossini, Mario
Castañeda, María V.
Rueda de Arvelo, Emma E.
Palabras clave : Pancreatic lipase
Bactris gasipaes
Growing pigs
Fecha de publicación : 24-Jan-2015
Citación : Revista de la facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias;55
Resumen : An experiment was conducted to determine the activities of trypsin and lipase pancreatic enzymes from growing pigs fed peach palm meal (Bactris gasipaes H.B.K.; PPM) and synthetic lysine (SL). Forty-eight barrows, with an average live weight of 30 ± 0 5 kg ,were randomly distributed and allotted to six experimental diets in a 3x2 factorial arrangement of treatments, with three levels of PPM (0, 16 and 32 %), with or without the addition of 0.27% SL, with four replications per diet and two pigs per experimental unit. To collect pancreas samples, four pigs per diet were slaughtered at third and sixth weeks. The results of the assay showed no effect of diet (PPM xLS) on the activity of the enzymes. An effect (P <0.05) of the diet x week interaction on trypsin and lipase enzymatic activities was observed. There were no significant differences in the activity of trypsin in the third week, after consumption of diets. In the sixth week, all diets, except that containing 0.27 % of SL and 16 % of PPM, showed lower (P<0.05) trypsin activity than the basal diet. In the third week, the pancreatic lipase activity was greatest (P<0.05) in pigs fed the diet with 16% of PPM without SL; and in the sixth week, the activity was less (P<0.05) in pigs fed diets containing 32% of PPM with and without the addition of 0.27% of SL, when compared with the basal diet and that which contained 32% of PPM and/or SL. In summary, the PPM and/or SL diets affect the trypsin and pancreatic lipase activities after sixth weeks of consumption.
ISSN : 0258-6576
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