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Título : Simulium metallicum cytospecies E larval habitat characterization in the Altamira focus of onchocerciasis, northern Venezuela
Grillet, María-Eugenia
Palabras clave : Simulium metallicum
vector ecology
larval population abundance
larval microdistribution
habitat factors
steam variables
Fecha de publicación : 1995
Editorial : Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Citación : ;9
Resumen : Abstract. Simulium metallicum sibling species E was identified cytotaxonomically from an onchocerciasis focus at Altamira in northern Venezuela. S.metal2icum E larvae were sampled monthly from two small mountain streamsover a 15-month period (July 1990 to September 1991) and eleven habitat variables were measured at two altitudes. One stream consistently harboured much higher densities of Xmetallicum E larvae than the other, with three annual peaks of abundance: during the dry season and at the beginning and end of the rainy season. These peak densities were correlated with high rainfall 4 months previously. Larvae were most abundant on submerged rocks and fallen leaves, in small shallow areas characterized by slow water current, high conductivity and sparse terrestrial vegetation cover. Stream variables which best explained the temporal changes in abundance were water discharge and conductivity. The population dynamics of S. metallicum E appeared to be influenced primarily by interactions between stream discharge and substrate stability. Relevance of these results to vector control with larvicides is discussed.
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