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Título : Caracterización de superficies de erosión mediante geomorfología cuantitativa, Altiplano Antioqueño, Cordillera Central de Colombia
Autor : Bustos C., Xavier
Bermúdez, Mauricio
Toro, Gloria
Bernet, Matthias
Rojas, Otilio
Marín, Maria
Palabras clave : Geomorphology
quantitative analysis
morphologic characterization
Fecha de publicación : 1-Dec-2013
Editorial : Terra. Nueva Etapa
Citación : TERRA XXIX. Nº 46, 2013, pp 43 - 67
Citación : ;No 46
Resumen : In this work, thirty-five (35) Erosion Surfaces (ES) across The Antioqueño Plateau (AP), in the Central Andes of Colombia were characterized and analyzed using cuantitative geomorphology techniques and digital terrain analysis. For this, digital elevation model (DEM) were used in order to calculate primary topographical attributes, which were combined with geostatistical techniques using the software R and Structured Query Language (SQL). Assuming that each ES could be considered as basins located at high elevations, we calculated the hypsometric integral in order to determine the maturity degree of the surfaces across the AP, and related them with different controlling processes of the current landscape. From a geomatic point of view this job provides an important contribution in combining geographical databases (Geodatabase), Geographical information System (GIS) and processing optimization. The results obtained here permit us characterize different SE, and related its geomorphic properties with physical and climatic phenomena, such as, rock-uplift, erosion, river incision and presence of faults. The methodology developed in this work could be used worldwide, where important topographic remnants keep geological information, key to understand the geological evolution of the ancient orogens.
ISSN : 10127089
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