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Título : Hypoglycemic Activity of Extracts and Compounds from the Leaves of Hintonia standleyana and H. latiflora: Potential Alternatives to the Use of the Stem Bark of These Species
Autor : cristians, sol
guerra, jose
ciangherotti, carlos
bye, robert
mata, rachel
Palabras clave : H. latiflora
Hintonia standleyana
Fecha de publicación : 29-Apr-2014
Resumen : The CH2Cl2-MeOH (1:1) extract of the leaves of Hintonia standleyana and H. latiflora caused significant decrease in blood glucose levels in both normal and streptozotozin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats when compared with vehicle-treated groups (p < 0.05). These extracts were not toxic to mice according to the Lorke criteria. From the hypoglycemic extract of H. standleyana, two new 4-phenylcoumarins, namely, 6′′-O-acetyl-5-O- -D-galactopyranosyl-7,4′-dihydroxy- 4-phenylcoumarin (1) and 6′′-O-acetyl-5-O- -D-galactopyranosyl-7,3′,4′-trihydroxy-4-phenylcoumarin (2), were obtained. The analogous extract of H. latiflora yielded the new 5-O-[ -D-xylopyranosyl-(1f6)- -D-glucopyranosyl]-7,4′-dimethoxy- 4-phenylcoumarin (3) along with several known compounds, including ursolic acid and desoxycordifolinic acid. Phenylcoumarins 1 and 2 showed hypoglycemic activity. HPLC profiles of the leaf extracts of both plants revealed the presence of known hypoglycemic phenylcoumarins as well as chlorogenic acid. The overall results have indicated that the leaves of H. standleyana and H. latiflora possess similar antidiabetic potential to their stem bark. Therefore, the leaves from these species could represent an alternative to the use of their stem bark, which, in turn, would contribute to the conservation of these Mexican medicinal plants
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