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Título : Arquitectura para el aislamiento. Hospitales especiales y modernización a mediados del siglo XX en Venezuela
Autor : Fato Osorio, Ana Elisa
Palabras clave : Hospitales especiales
arquitectura moderna venezolana
Fecha de publicación : 28-Apr-2014
Citación : 2012;1392-0014
Resumen : A study is made specifically in this research to determine the geometrical foundations warped surfaces of double curvature with benchmarks of the hyperbolic paraboloid, chairs a monkey to monkey tail and disrupted ordinary monkey and chairs for two-tailed monkeys. So far in the field of architectural applications covers buildings have been used only solutions with hyperbolic paraboloid. The other photographs, the subject of this study, have not been as willing to cover roofs built spaces. The first building with a hyperbolic paraboloid roof was recorded in 1933, by the Engineer Laffaille in France. Then highlight different experiences started with Cosmic Rays Pavilion, (Félix Candela, Mexico, 1950). While in Venezuela except very few examples there is no tradition of these constructions. Exist in our environment, a lack of geometric principles determining the structural behavior of these surfaces, stressing that the existing shortage of examples, although they have advantages such as structural efficiency under conditions of stable equilibrium, high aesthetic value, reducing costs, timing and amounts of material, one involving unskilled labor. The fundamental contribution between the results of this research lies in the designation of these geometric representations with a new name: SURFACES INVERTED PARABOLAS, recognizing one of its essential qualities such as spatial generation from parabolas with upward branches which are geometrically identical to the others within the same surface forming the branches are down. Then unpublished input is performed by using a mathematical software, grouped into families of different modes of hyperbolic paraboloids, for ordinary monkeys saddle and apes a two-tailed and monkey saddle disturbed for a queue, which is a graphical tool for use by architects, engineers and builders to visualize, among infinite alternatives, a set of nine main positions of these surfaces, applying the universal description object representation, such as obtaining the main facade, rear and side, isometric perspective views (and axonometric projection bimetrica) and rooftop plants. Entities that would be extremely difficult to represent with traditional drawing tools including computational tools even computer-aided drawing. It thus solves further variations dimensioning scales and proportions and inertia visual representation of the surface obtained. The results are dumped in a graphic which classifies the generation of different types that will be used to query selected professionals and researchers requiring systemic analysis based set geometric principles, aesthetic and space.
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