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Título : Inhibitors of Snake Venoms and Development of New Therapeutics
Autor : Sánchez, Elda
Rodríguez-Acosta, Alexis
Palabras clave : Endothermic Animals
Hemorrhagic Activity
Metalloprotease Inhibitors
Plant Extracts
Proteolytic Activity
Snake Venom
Fecha de publicación : 28-Nov-2013
Citación : Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology;30(4):647-78. (2008).
Resumen : Natural inhibitors of snake venoms play a significant role in the ability to neutralize the degradation effects induced by venom toxins. It has been known for many years that animal sera and some plant extracts are competent in neutralizing snake venoms. The purpose of this review is to highlight the recent work that has been accomplished with natural inhibitors of snake venoms as well as revisiting the past research including those found in plants. The biomedical value of these natural inhibitors can lead to the development of new therapeutics for an assortment of diseases as well as contributing to efficient antivenoms for the treatment of ophidic accidents
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