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Título : Inhibition of the Hemorrhagic and Proteolytic Activities of Lansberg’s Hognose Pit Viper (Porthidium lansbergii hutmanni ) Venom by Opossum (Didelphis marsupialis) Serum: Isolation of Didelphis Marsupialis 0.15Dm Fraction on DEAE-Cellulose Chromatography
Autor : Pineda, Maria E
Girón, Maria E
Estrella, Amalid
Sánchez, Elda E
Aguilar, Irma
Fernandez, Irma
Vargas, Alba M
Scannone, Héctor
Rodríguez-Acosta, Alexis
Palabras clave : Didelphis marsupialis
Hemorrhagic Activity
Porthidium lansbergii hutmanni
Proteolytic Activity
Fecha de publicación : 28-Nov-2013
Citación : Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology;
Resumen : Earlier studies have revealed the ability of sera from several mammals to neutralize the toxic effects of snake venom. The Venezuelan opossum (Didelphis marsupialis) is one that has been found to inhibit hemorrhagic and proteolytic activities of venoms from many species of snakes. In this article it is shown that the opossum sera and its 0.15DM fraction were able to completely neutralize both hemorrhagic and hydrolysis (proteolysis) of casein effects induced by venom of the Lansberg’s hognose pit viper (Porthidium lansbergii hutmanni). We have used DEAE-cellulose ion exchange chromatography to collect protein fractions from D. marsupialis sera which were able to defend mice from the lethal effects of P.l. hutmanni venom. The fractions separated were homogeneous by conventional electrophoresis using SDS-PAGE. The protein bands obtained contained molecular weights of ˜ 6 to 220 kDa. These results revealed the presence of proteases inhibitors in the opossum sera fractions and the inhibition of venom activity by opossum sera suggesting a reciprocal adaptation at the molecular level.
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