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Título : Time-resolved ultraviolet laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for organic material analysis
Autor : Baudelet, Matthieu
Boueri, Myriam
Yu, Jin
Mao, Samuel
Piscitelli, Vincent
Mao, Xianglei
Russo, Richard
Palabras clave : Ultraviolet laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Time-resolved LIBS
Organic material analysis
Fecha de publicación : 17-Oct-2013
Resumen : Ultraviolet pulses (266 nm) delivered by a quadrupled Nd:YAG laser were used to analyze organic samples with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). We present characteristics of the spectra obtained from organic samples with special attentions on the emissions of organic elements, O and N, and molecular bonds CN. The choice of these atomic or molecular species is justified on one hand, by the importance of these species to specify organic or biological materials; and on the other hand by the possible interferences with ambient air when laser ablation takes place in the atmosphere. Time-resolved LIBS was used to determine the time-evolution of line intensity emitted from these species. We demonstrate different kinetic behaviors corresponding to different origins of emitters: native atomic or molecular species directly vaporized from the sample or those generated through dissociation or recombination due to interaction between laser-induced plasma and air molecules. Our results show the ability of time-resolved UV-LIBS for detection and identification of native atomic or molecular species from an organic sample.
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