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Título : High mortality and lesions of the central nervous system in Trypanosomosis by Trypanosoma vivax in Brazilian hair sheep
Autor : Galiza, G.J
Garcia, Herakles
Assis, A.C
Oliveira, D.M
Pimentel, L.A
Dantas, A.F
Simões, S.V
Teixeira, M.M.G
Riet-Correa, F
Palabras clave : Trypanosoma vivax Sheep Anemia Weight loss Hemoparasites Neurological signs
Fecha de publicación : 15-Oct-2013
Citación : Veterinary Parasitology;182: 359-363.
Resumen : Here, we report an outbreak of Trypanosoma vivax-induced trypanosomosis in Brazilian hair sheep on a farm in Paraíba state, a non-endemic region in northeastern Brazilian. Of 306 total sheep, 240 showed clinical signs and 216 died. Clinical signs included anorexia, lethargy, anemia, rough hair coat, weight loss, submandibular edema, abortion, and in some cases, neurological signs such as head pressing, lateral recumbence, paddling movements and muscle tremors. T. vivax was identified by blood smear analysis and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). At necropsy, animals exhibited watery blood, pale tissue coloring, and the presence of liquid in the peritoneal cavity and pericardial sac. Histologically, nonsuppurative myocarditis and meningoencephalitis with areas of malacia were observed. After treatment, no parasites were detected by blood smear analysis or PCR. Cattle and buffalo that remained in the same pasture were also infected but presented with asymptomatic infections. Epidemiological data suggest that T. vivax was introduced to the farm and the susceptible flock by buffalos that were asymptomatic carriers of the infection; T. vivax was most likely transmitted by Tabanus spp. bites and also iatrogenically.
ISSN : 0304-4017
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