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Título : Follicular degeneration in the ovaries of goats experimentally infected with Trypanosoma vivax from the Brazilian semi-arid region
Autor : Rodrigues, Carla
Olinda, Roberio
Silva, Taciana
Vale, Rodolfo
da Silva, Anderson
Lima, Gabriela
Teixeira, Marta Maria
Batista, Jael
Palabras clave : Trypanosomosis Small ruminant Follicular degeneration PCR
Fecha de publicación : 13-Oct-2013
Citación : Veterinary Parasitology;Volume 191, Issues 1–2, 16 January 2013, Pages 146-153
Resumen : Infection by Trypanosoma vivax and other African trypanosomes plays an important role in reproductive disorders in male and female livestock. Outbreaks of T. vivax in the semiarid region of northeastern Brazil are characterized by wasting disease in cattle, sheep and goats with hematological, cardiac and nervous compromises in addition to reproductive failures. Similar to reports from Africa, we previously observed a reduction in fertility rates and severe testicular degeneration and epididymitis in male sheep infected with T. vivax from this region. Although anestrus is frequently reported in goats and sheep infected with T. vivax, the effects of this infection on the female reproductive organs need clarification. In this study, we addressed this issue through a histopathological evaluation of ovarian follicular morphology and classification in goats experimentally infected with a T. vivax isolate from the Brazilian semi-arid region. The infected animals presented typical clinical signs of trypanosomosis by T. vivax, including anemia, hyperthermia, pallor of the mucous membranes, enlarged lymph nodes, and progressive loss of weight. All the infected goats remained anestrus throughout the experimental period and exhibited important disturbances in the ovaries, evidenced by reduced size and a smooth surface without follicles or corpora lutea, and abnormal follicular development. In addition, through PCR, we detected T. vivax DNA in the ovarian tissues of the infected goats. Our findings contributed to understand the female reproductive failure associated with trypanosomosis caused by T. vivax.
ISSN : 0304-4017
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