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Título : Effect of organic waste compost and a water absorbent polymeric soil conditioner (hydrogel) on the water use efficiency in a Capsicum annum (Green Pepper) cultivation
Autor : Lobo, Deyanira
Gabriels, Donald
Torres, Duilio
Rodriguez, Nectali
Rivero, Dangela
Palabras clave : water use efficiency
Fecha de publicación : 2006
Editorial : Ghent University, Belgium
Citación : Agricultural constraints in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Proceedings of International Symposium 4-7 September 2006, Ghent, Belgium. p. 453-459
Resumen : A greenhouse experiment was set up to study the effect of Bocashi (BK), an organic waste compost, and two doses of Terracottem (TC1 and TC2) (a mixture of water absorbent polymers,fertilizers, root growth stimulators and lava) on the production of above ground and root biomasses of a green pepper (Capsicum annuum) cultivation in a sandy soil and this with two irrigation doses to maintain the soil water content either at 100% or 80% of its field capacity (FC). Comparison was made when only fertilizers were mixed with the sandy soil. The efficiency of water use was evaluated in terms of consumption of water after 28 days of cultivation in relation to (1) the total volume of applied irrigation water (2) the above ground biomass (3) root biomass It was obvious that for all treatments more water is needed to maintain the soil moisture content at 100% of FC than at 80% of FC. The highest above ground biomass production was obtained with the highest Terracottem doses (TC1), and this for the two irrigation doses which results were however not different among each other. The TC treatments resulted in higher root biomass production than BK at the highest irrigation doses. The lowest water consumption per unit biomass was obtained in the following order TC1, BK, TC2, Control (SS) and fertilizer (FQ). No differences were found between the two irrigation doses and this for all the treatments.
Descripción : Lobo et al. 2006. Agroenviron.
ISBN : 978-90-5989-198-2
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