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Título : Thermo-optical Properties of Nanofluids
Autor : Ortega, Maria Alejandra
Rodriguez, Luis
Castillo, Jimmy
Fernández, Alberto
Echevarría, Lorenzo
Palabras clave : Atmospheric optics
diffractive optics
education for optics
guided optics
holography and interferometry
lasers and quantum optics
nonlinear optics
optical instruments
optical materials and applications
vision and radiometry
Fecha de publicación : 2008
Editorial : El Springer
Citación : Vol. 991;
Resumen : Abstract. In this work, we report thermo-optical properties of nanofluids. Spherical gold nanoparticles obtained by laser ablation in condensed media were characterized using thermal lens spectroscopy in SDS-water solution pumping at 532 nm with a 10 ns pulsed laser-Nd-YAG system. Nanoparticles obtained by laser ablation were stabilized in the time by surfactants (Sodium Dodecyl-Sulfate or SDS) in different molar concentrations. The morphology and size of the gold nanoparticles were determined by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The plasmonic resonance bands in gold nanoparticles are responsible of the light optical absorption of this wavelength. The position of the absorption maximum and width band in the UV-Visible spectra is given by the morphological characteristics of these systems. The thermo-optical constant such as thermal diffusion, thermal conductivity and dn/dT are functions of nanoparticles sizes and dielectric constant of the media. The theoretical model existents do not describe completely this relations because is not possible separate the contributions due to nanoparticles size, factor form and dielectric constant. The thermal lens signal obtained is also dependent of nanoparticles sizes. This methodology can be used in order to evaluate nanofluids and characterizing nanoparticles in different media. These results are expected to have an impact in bioimaging, biosensors and other technological applications such as cooler system.
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