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Título : Health as an expression of human morphology and living conditions
Autor : M. Pérez, Betty
Palabras clave : Epidemiology
Physical activity
Risk profiles
Fecha de publicación : 6-Dec-2017
Citación : Anthropologiai Közlemények;45:19-21. (2004)
Resumen : This article reviews current knowledge of the possible effects of human morphology on morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It highlights the wellestablished increased risk associated with obesity and, more specifically, with abdominal obesity,related to hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, which raises cholesterol levels. The value of the anthropometric indices for the detection o f abnonnal conditions is supported by examination of the results of extensive prospective studies. Special emphasis will be placed on environmental effects that could modify morphology and shape as well, and so impair the health of individuals and populations. The concept o f sedentary lifestyle is presented as linked to the clinical manifestation of coronary heart disease. The chosen topics will highlight the interrelations among different areas such as auxology, nutrition, endocrinology and genetics.
ISSN : 0003-5440
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