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Título : Further description of early clinically silent lupus nephritis.
Autor : Zabaleta-Lanz, M.E.
Muñoz, L.E.
Tapanes, F.J.
Vargas-Arenas, R.E.
Daboin, I.
Barrios, Y.
Pinto, J.A.
Bianco Colmenares, Nicolás E.
Palabras clave : anti-C1q autoantibodies
overt lupus nephritis
silent lupus nephritis
Systemic lupus erythematosus
normocitic anemia
renal function
Fecha de publicación : 2006
Editorial : Lupus
Citación : Vol. 15;No. 12 pp 845-851
Resumen : Thirty silent lupus nephritis (SLN) patients were compared to 16 individuals bearing overt lupus nephritis (OLN). Results included: years of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) diagnosis were significantly earlier (4.6 +/- 2.8 years) in SLN than in OLN (7.18 +/- 3.61) (P < 0.05). Neurological compromise, hypertension, normocitic anemia and lymphopenia were significantly prevalent in OLN than in SLN (P < 0.05). Beside normal urinary sediment and renal function tests, the SLN group showed a moderate increase of both activity (AI) and chronicity (CI) renal pathology index when compared to highly increased AI and CI in OLN (P < 0.05). Seventy percent of SLN patients were ISN/RPS Classes I (6.6%) and II (63.3%) while 81% of OLN cases were Classes III, IV (37.5%) and V. IgG, IgA, IgM, λ chain, C3 and fibrinogen immune deposits were found in 90% or over in both SLN and OLN individuals while in 60% or over, both groups also showed κ chain, C1q and C4 deposits. While prevalence of ANA, anti-dsDNA and anti-C1q antibodies were similar in both groups, anti-histone, anti-RNP, CIC and CH50 serum levels were significantly different in OLN versus SLN (P < 0.05). We strongly suggest that indeed SLN is the earliest stage in the natural history of lupus nephritis.
ISSN : 1477-0962 (Electronic)
0961-2033 (Linking) & (Print)
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