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Título : Failure of Cell-Mediated Effector Mechanisms in Lung Cancer
Autor : Feo F., Elizabeth
Morillo, Freddy
Blanca, Isaac
Bianco Colmenares, Nicolás E.
Palabras clave : cell-mediated
patients with lung cancer
mononuclear leukocytes
autologous patients'
Fecha de publicación : Jul-1984
Editorial : National Cancer Institute (JNCI)
Citación : Vol. 73;No. 1 pp 1-6
Resumen : The status of cell-mediated effector mechanisms was stud ied in 28 patients with lung cancer (25/28 in stage III). Patients' precultured peripheral blood mononuclear leukocytes, isolated by Ficol l-Hypaque, were tested for Iymphocyte proliferation responses to alloantigens in mixed Iymphocyte culture (MLC). The influence of autologous patients' sera was studied further on MLC responses from patients and controls. Cell mediated Iympholysis (CML), with the use of allogenic blast cells as targets, and antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) against human red blood cells also were tested. Major differences between the cancer patients and controls were not demonstrated by MLC. Inhibition or enhancement of MLC responses by the autologous serum was shown; bimodal influence was significant; 72% of the sera caused inhibition and 28% cause d enhancement. CML was depressed in 54% of the patient s, and ADCC was depressed in 50%. The decrease in both cytotoxic responses was significant (P< .005). Thirteen patients died after initiation of the investigative protocol; in 11 of 13, CML or ADCC was diminished. The altered cytotoxic capabilities were more prevalent among the epidermoid type, including the deceased patients. This study provides evidence that a severe impairment of cell-mediated effector mechanisms is frequent in advanced lung cancer and may be associated with poor clinical course and wit h the histologic type.-JNCI 1984 ; 73:1-6.
ISSN : 1460-2105
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