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Título : A new experimental setup for the liquid–solid phase transition determination in crude oils under high pressure conditions
Autor : Rizzo, A.
Carrier, H.
Castillo, Jimmy
Acevedo, Sócrates
Pauly, J.
Palabras clave : Solid–liquid equilibrium;
Fecha de publicación : 26-Jun-2015
Resumen : A high pressure apparatus based on two sapphire windows high pressure cell coupled with a detection system of the reflected and refracted light intensities coming from a laser beam was designed to determine the phase transitions by the measurement of the light intensity change. The setup was used to measure the wax disappearance temperature under pressure up to 100 MPa in pure component, synthetic complex mixtures made up of distributions of n-paraffins ranging from n-C20 to n-C42. Finally a real stabilized condensate was successfully investigated and the sensitivity of the detection system was demonstrated on a dark crude oil.
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