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Título : The emerging role of amiodarone and dronedarone in Chagas disease. Gustavo Benaim and Alberto E. Paniz Mondolfi
Autor : Benaím, Gustavo
Paniz, A
Palabras clave : Chagas disease
Drug therapy
parasitic infection
antiarrhythmic drugs
Fecha de publicación : 7-Aug-2012
Editorial : NATURE REVIEWS | CARDIOLOGY (Nat. Rev. Cardiol)
Citación : Vol.9, p.605–609
Resumen : Chagas disease has emerged as an important health problem in the Americas and, with globalization, in other parts of the world. Drug therapy for this parasitic infection has remained largely ineffective, especially in chronic stages of the disease. However, developments in experimental therapy might signal an important advance for the management of patients with Chagas disease. Herein, we review studies on the potential use of the benzofuran derivatives amiodarone and dronedarone in patients with Chagas disease. These agents have a dual role, not only as primary antiarrhythmic drugs, but also as antiparasitic agents. We believe that this ‘kill two birds with one stone’ approach represents a new tactic for the treatment of Chagas disease using currently approved drugs.
ISSN : doi:10.1038/nrcardio.2012.108.
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