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Título : Lead, copper and zinc in atmospheric and fluvial particulates from the Caracas Valley, Venezuela
Autor : Ramírez, Armando J.
Fernández, Alberto
Fraile, Rebeca
Palabras clave : Lead
zinc in atmospheric
fluvial particulates
Fecha de publicación : 1994
Editorial : Environmental Geochemistry and Health
Citación : Vol. 16;3/4
Resumen : The atmospheric particulates from the Caracus Valley in Venezuela and the fluvial particulates transported by the Tuy River into the Caribbean sea have been evaluated for Pb, Cu and Zn with the purpose of determining the contamination levels in the study area. The atmospheric particulate samples were collected in the city of Caracas jsing a low volume sampler whereas the fluvial particulate were collected at the mouth of the Tuy River. The particulate samples were analysed by flame or graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry depending upon the concentration levels of the heavy metal under study. The results obtained for the fluvial particulates enabled estimates to be made of the total anthropogenic flux of Cu (383 ton year"1), Pb (528 ton year'1) and Zn (865 ton year"1). These results yield annual per capita inputs for Cu (96 g),Pb (132 g) and Zn (216 g) which greatly exceed those from global anthropogenic emissions. The weighted average concentration of Pb (1.13 %) found in the atmospheric particula es was much higher than those for Cu (140 mg kg"1) and Zn (200 mg kg'1) and reflects the high motor car traffic in the Caracas Valley. The anthropogenic/natural ratios estimated in this study were as follows: 2.6 for Pb; 1.5 for Cu and 1.5 for Zn. This indicates that anthropogenic inpuls for Cu, Pb. and Zn in the study area exceed those from natural sources, cars being the major source for Pb and industrial activities the major sources for Cu and Zn.
ISSN : 0269-4042
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