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Título : Elaboration of blackberries (Rubus glaucus Benth) jellies with native and modified banana starches (Musa ABB)
Autor : Alemán, Shelly
Pacheco, Emperatriz
Pérez, Elevina
Schroeder, Mily
Palabras clave : Musaceas
native starch
modified starch blackberries
Fecha de publicación : 2-Apr-2013
Citación : African Journal of Food Science;4
Resumen : To diversify the use of tropical fruits such as “topocho” (Musa ABB) and blackberry (Rubus glaucus Benth), jellies were formulated, and thickened with 20% of native starch (BS), and modified granular starch (GBS) starch from unripe “topocho” with, and without the addition of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) using corn starch as control. A sensorial evaluation of the recipes was completed (without CMC at cero time) to determine the preferred jelly. The physical and chemical properties of the stored jellies at refrigeration temperature (4ºC) during 10 days were also evaluated. The data shown that the jellies elaborated with native starch and corn starch did not show statistical significant differences (p£0.05) in all of the parameters studied. When comparing the jellies elaborated with topocho starch to those elaborated with corn starch during the first five days of storage, the data did not reveal any significant variation in the ºBrix, (33.5 a 38.5), pH (3.4 a 3.9), titratable acidity (237.8 a 236 mg, as citric acid/100 ml of the sample), apparent viscosity (75 a 65 Pas) and syneresis?. In addition to diversify the use of the blackberries, topocho starch could be a good substitute for the commercial corn starch to produce jellies.
ISSN : 1996-0794
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