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Título : Isolated starches from yams (Dioscorea sp) grown at the Venezuelan Amazons: Structure and functional properties
Autor : Pérez, Elevina
Rolland-Sabaté, Agnes
Dufour, Dominique
Guzmán, Romel
Tapia, María
Raymúndez, Marìa B.
Ricci, Julien
Guilois, Sophie
Pontoire, Bruno
Reynes, Max
Gibert, Olivier
Palabras clave : Tropical starch
Non-conventional starch
Granular structure
Functional properties
Venezuelan Amazon
Fecha de publicación : 15-Oct-2013
Editorial : Carbohydrate Polymers
Citación : 5
Citación : Vol. 98;1
Resumen : This work aimed to characterize the molecular structure and functional properties of starches isolated from wild Dioscorea yams grown at the Amazons, using conventional and up-to-date methodologies. Among the high purity starches isolated (≥99%), the chain lengths were similar, whereas variations in gelatinization profile were observed. Starches have shown varied-shaped granules with monomodal distribution, and B-type crystallinity. Variations in amylose contents found by three analyses were hypothesized being related to intermediate material. Linear chain lengths were similar, and their amylopectins showed a dense, spherical conformation and similar molecular characteristics. The average molar mass and the radius of gyration of the chromatograms of the yam amylopectin, ¯MW and ¯RG were ranging between 174 × 106 g mol−1 and 237 × 106 g mol−1, and 201 nm and 233 nm, respectively. The white yams starches were more sensible to enzymes than the other two. All starches have shown a wide range of functional and nutritional properties.
ISSN : 0144-8617
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