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2012Application of TLC and LA ICP SF MS for speciation of S, Ni and V in petroleum samplesVorapalawut, Nopparat; Martinez Labrador, Mauro; Pohl, Pawel; Caetano, Manuel; Chirinos, José; Arnaudguilhem, Carine; Bouyssiere, Brice; Shiowatana, Juwadee; Lobinski, Ryszard
9-Feb-2017Determination of Ni and V in Crude Oil Samples Encapsulated in Zr Xerogels by Laser-Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyMartínez, Mauro; Lobinski, Ryszard; Bouyssiere, Brice; Piscitelli, Vincent; Chirinos, José; Caetano, Manuel
13-Jul-2015Trapping of Paraffin and Other Compounds by Asphaltenes Detected by Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (LDI-TOF MS): Role of A1 and A2 Asphaltene Fractions in This TrappingAcevedo, Sócrates; Cordero T., Josmelith M.; Carrier, Herve; Bouyssiere, Brice; Lobinski, Ryszard
22-Nov-2013Use of xerogel for the elemental analysis of crude oils by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma high resolution mass spectrometryMartinez, Mauro; Arnaudguilhem, Carine; Lobinski, Ryszard; Bouyssiere, Brice; Caetano, Manuel; Chirinos, José
Mostrando resultados 1 a 4 de 4


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